About Us

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Gary Kellmann - CEO

Gary specializes in supply chain management, product development and financing.  Innovator and advocate of disruptive technologies in the Internet of Things, Bitcoin, Block Chain, and Fintech categories. 


A 25-year veteran of the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of consumer products,  Gary received his B.S. in Electronics and Marketing from Southeast Missouri State University.  Gary began his career by developing and selling his first consumer product ideas while in college. Which helped finance his expenses throughout the college years.  His first big hit, after graduating college was an invention in the HBA category where he landed repeat orders with Walmart Stores and specialty chains. The next 10 years Gary established recognition in the novelty and beauty category with the world famous LED flashing Belly Lights in 2001 (over 2 million sold).  And in 2003 with the braid lights (over 1 million sold) before selling his company in 2004. Currently leading his company in the product categories of: High Tech wearables, Internet of Things (IOT), Performance Sportswear and devices, Outdoor Sporting goods, and medical products. With KDK’s supply chain support their clients have enjoyed over 80 million in sales to date.


Gary also speaks Mandarin Chinese and serves on the board of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce St. Louis.  

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Jeff Wade - COO

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Jeff is a talented and accomplished individual who excels at relationship building and team management.  He has over a decade of experience producing results for high echelon clients including software companies, non-profits, and medical practices in both sales and marketing. Jeff received his B.S. in Marketing from Southern Illinois University in 2002.  It was there that he developed his passion for helping organizations succeed and traveling the world.  He has worked in Brazil, and Mexico, and has fostered enduring relationships with organizations in China, Phillipines, and Vietnam. With an overflow of international experience, Jeff has a strong understanding of various markets, both nationwide and internationally.  He has worked in the medical industry in both sales and as a managing partner.


Jeff currently sits on the board of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce as the first Filipino-American elected.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, Anna, and his two kids, Myla and Judan.  In his free time, you will see him at sporting events and playing poker with friends.

 As Vice President of Sales, Jonas is responsible for overseeing sales, product development, and product education. He graduated from Missouri S&T with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics and has a strong background in robotics engineering and team management.

Jonas founded the Multirotor Robot Design Team at Missouri S&T and put the state of Missouri on the map as a participant in the International Aerial Robotics Competition. He played a major role in the hardware and electrical development of each drone, and has written a book on the fundamentals of drone design.

He is also the CEO of Delta Tech, a startup developing smart mirror displays for use as content platforms.

Jonas Buxton - VP of Sales

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Ting has been a special addition to our brand. Ting, wife of Co-Founder, Gary Kellmann, has been a clothing designer based in St. Charles, MO for the past 10 years. As the world is going through some challenging times, Ting noticed that many people are looking for something that can be life saving. She noticed that protective masks is now a cultural ideal that may be in place for years to come. Therefore, she wanted to design something special that can be protective but also fashionably exciting as well. 

Ting Kellmann - Lead Designer