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We are a retail store with wholesale prices! Open to anyone and everyone with store and warehouse located in St. Charles, MO. We utilize our expertise in personal protective equipment to provide you with excellent quality at the best price.  Whether you need 1 or 100,000 we can help fill your needs.

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So... What's Our Story?


The Sanitizer and Masks Family is serving the world by doing our best in offering support, smiles, and safety for all our customers. However, we want you to have the chance to get to know us and our story.


Why? Because the world is going through a tremendous transition with how people think, live, and adapt.

Therefore, we want you to find trust in that we are working hard to bring you great products and knowledge on these products.


Let our story begin...

Remember when the shelves were empty?


There was a time a few months ago where the world started changing rapidly.


Some people were prepared, but others were not. As a result, people were rushing to local super markets, convenience stores, and wholesale membership stores to find personal protective equipment (PPE). For the people that got there first, they were obviously the fortunate ones. As others were caught in the mind space of 'should I or should I not'; getting dibs on PPE was more challenging.

As the world continues evolving and changing everyday, demand for PPE has grown at exponential rates. People now embrace the culture change; essential goods are more than just your everyday supply of food, liquids, and gasoline. Essential goods have taken on a new emphasis in order for people to feel happy, healthy, and protected.

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This is why on June 1, 2020, Sanitizer and Masks Wholesale opened their first store in St. Charles, Missouri. We wanted to create a retail location that had a focus without distractions.


So you might be wondering...

"What do you mean without distractions?"


As PPE is in such high demand, many stores that offer a variety of products can be bombarded by distractions.

Just think about a time where you were walking through a Big Box Store and needed 1 thing... and you had no idea where to begin.

Super Market Distractions.jpg

You still might be thinking,


"Distractions? What do you really mean by distractions?"


When you walk into our stores, we have one area of expertise that we speak about; PPE. Just like walking into your local cell phone store rather than a big box store. We offer a singular focus.


So what makes this singular focus so special to our customers?


Education and knowledge.


Remember, we are living in new times... we need to be focused on learning.

Learning Blocks.jpg

PPE are not just products that you buy and hope for the best, we believe in teaching and informing. For example, when buying a mask you might be thinking of it's simplicity. You put it on and your ready to go. However, it's actually not that simple.


What if the wrong mask does not fit your face?

What if you need a specific amount of sanitizer that can be ever lasting within your home or business?


So what are we really describing that makes our retail locations so special?



Jonas Discussions.jpg

That's what we offer to all our customers. Again, just like when you walk into your local cell phone store for a new phone. What do you do?


You have discussions so you have full knowledge and understanding of how to use the product.


We understand the world is still changing. Therefore, we need to offer the latest and greatest of products. When you come shopping at our store, we love feedback from you. The customer.


If there is a product that we need, we will do our research and find the best way to meet your needs. Simply put, our shelves will never be empty and we will always serve you with all of your needs.

Learn why Gary loves teaching so much...

Gary Teaching.jpg

Gary Kellmann, Co-Founder of the Sanitizer and Masks Store, loves teaching and educating. When he gets the opportunity to teach or explain a new idea, he gets more excited than eating his favorite sushi roll, the Spicy Mango Tempura Roll from Wasabi. (Which is our favorite sushi restaurant by far)

Wasabi Roll.jpg

But why does Gary love teaching so much?

Is it because he loves the sound of his own voice?


We make that joke around the office as Gary talks the loudest.


He's like a hurricane of energy.


But no. Gary loves teaching because he's obsessed with knowledge. And when we say obsessed, we mean what we say. 24 hours a day he is constantly learning. Or as we like to say in the entrepreneur world:


"Fire, fire, fire... aim much later" which is the opposite of "Ready, aim, fire."


24 hours a day Gary focuses on doing new things as quickly as possible and learning from them. This also includes asking questions so he can attain knowledge as soon as possible.


To understand his mentality, imagine a time when you had a question but were afraid to ask. Gary would be the exact opposite because the sooner you ask, the sooner you can move forward.


When starting the Sanitizer and Masks Store, Gary knew that this would be an incredible opportunity to teach. As Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is now considered an essential good, it's important to teach and educate people.


So, next time you come shopping at our store in St. Charles, ask for Gary and say,


"Gary, I am ready to learn"


Then, watch the excitement on Gary's face as gets the opportunity to do what he loves; teaching.

So why do we talk about teaching so much?

Because the world is changing so much and so many people are lost and confused. 

This is what happens when we all go through big life transitions. As an adaptation occurs to new times, confusion can be more probable until we adapt. 

However, during times of big life transitions, learning is the X Factor that helps us adapt and understand. If we are not learning then it will be challenging to find understanding.

X Factor.jpg

This is why we love teaching so much.

Because the whole world is going through a big transition and we are all looking for information.

Which is why we are blogging... 

Our VP of Sales is starting to do educational videos...

If you watched the above video, notice how Jonas was not just talking about a product, but he told a story about an interaction he had with a customer. 

In this case, it was with a pre-school teacher. 

When we think about teaching and creating an understanding, we believe that stories of our interactions are the real magic in understanding. 


Real people and their life experiences makes it easier for a person to go inside their own mind and relate.

For example, did you hear the story about the Anti-Masker that came through?


As we continue getting new customers with different thoughts and questions, we came across our first, official 'Anti-Masker'.


We didn't even know this term existed until they called themselves an 'Anti-Masker'.


Of course our response was,


"Anti-Masker? What's that mean? Are you opposed to masks? Why are you here then?"


This person clarified their statement with:


"I only have to wear a mask because my work requires it."


Obviously, we're still excited that this person is willing to wear a mask regardless of how they feel about the situation. 


***This is why we will continue telling stories as our life experiences can be the true method of knowledge.

So how did the story end? She bought a mask and left with a bit more satisfaction as she was excited to find something more stylish. 

Even if she was an 'Anti-Masker' we still found a way to put a smile on her face before leaving the store.

And because of this experience we have more knowledge on how to provide better products and service for our customers. 

Which by the way, please send us a message if you have any questions...

FAQ Pexels.jpg

We also want to find a way to make our story a bit funny at times...

Watch Wei Wei get confused when walking through the Blue Whale...

Wei Wei is one of our sales reps and also the daughter of Co-Founder Gary Kellmann.


For those that do not know about the Blue Whale it's our human size Disinfectant Tunnel that can be used at festivals, concerts, sporting events, and even before athletes hit the field. 

We keep it out in front of our store so people can try it for themselves!

Even when we are being educational and informative we like to lighten the mood if we can...

Phone Toilet.jpg

Like when we wrote an article about cleaning your phones after using the bathroom. 

See, most people bring their phones in the bathroom with them just because they can't live without it.

When coming up with a good title for the article, we were debating between,

"How many of you bring your phones in the bathroom with you?"


"Looking at your phone while sitting on the toilet?"

We realize that we are talking about a serious topic when it comes to staying clean and safe after using the restroom, but how can we make our language just a little more fun and entertaining?

So we do our best.

We also want to be exciting with exciting ideas and products...


Checkout our EL Technology Scarf Masks!


We believe that it's never too early to start thinking about one of the coolest holidays of the year...



A festive holiday of ghouls, goblins, candy, kids, and Trick or Treating. And lets not forget... pumpkin carving! 

We find these masks to be protective but also exciting... which at this point, if there is anything that can get people a little bit more excited is worth trying.

We also find a way to have fun as well...

Watch Myla and Ruby test out their roller shoes!

We were trying to see if they could roll together at the exact same time. 

Myla kind of rolled her eyes at the end. She's a bit competitive.

Or maybe it's because Ruby was doing a better job than Myla at balancing. 

(Let's just say there was a fun argument at the end of the video clip)

Gary makes jokes from time to time as he wonders if Myla gets her personality from her father, Jeff Wade, who is also a Co-Founder of the Sanitizer and Masks Family.

Jeff Freezer.png

You might be wondering what Jeff is doing here... well, Gary forgot to turn up the AC on this hot, summer, St. Charles Day.

(We think Gary just likes saving money on the AC... Ssshhh, don't tell anyone)

Jeff is a talented and accomplished individual who excels at relationship building and team management. 

When you spend time talking with Jeff you'll understand why we say he's the relationship guy.

That's who he is... the guy that anyone can talk to for a calming conversation. 

We also take pride in our product which is why we have our lead designer...

Meet Ting Kellmann, our Lead Designer of all our masks and wife of our CO- Founder, Gary Kellmann.

Watch how Ting makes our precious silk masks in her own personal office...

Ting has been a clothing designer based in St. Charles, MO for the past 10 years. As the world is going through some challenging times, Ting noticed that many people are looking for something that can be life saving.


She noticed that protective masks are now a cultural ideal that may be in place for years to come.


Therefore, she wanted to design something special that can be protective but also fashionably exciting as well. 

And let's not forget the final piece that completes the family... the legend himself...

Ethan Dragon.


When we need chaos in the store...

Ethan Dragon can most certainly make that happen with his charming, loud talking, and demanding demeanor.

When he walks into the store, it's like a sheriff walking into the saloon...

We all turn and say,

"Uh oh, the boss is here."

(Ethan is Gary's son FYI)

So what are we really trying to say when we tell you about our story?

Just this...

We are real people. 

We understand that it's a challenging time for people all over the world. 

We are here to serve and be helpful as people adapt to this big life transition. 

We hope to see you soon!

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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