2 Benefits To Sanitizer Wipes

Sometimes people come into our store and seem more keen on purchasing sanitizer gel or spray rather than sanitizer wipes. Kind of like:

"Why would I need wipes when I can just rub it on my hands?"

Everyone is going to have their own preference depending on the situation. I think the premise of this message is to think about which product is going to be the most beneficial for each person's situation. If you know you are person that will be wiping down a lot of surface areas then the wipes could be largely valuable. Or, if you find yourself eating messy foods or your kids are getting messy during their meals, than the wipes could be rather valuable.

Here are 2 notable reasons why wipes can be helpful for cleanliness:

  1. If you are eating a meal that is messy, slimy, and sticky and not near a bathroom then wipes can suffice. Just like when someone eats buffalo wings at a restaurant, it can be rather messy.

  2. Sanitizing wipes can be beneficial for wiping down surface areas. For example, let's say you are driving in your car and you want to wipe down your dashboard or steering wheel. Would you spray or wipe gel on the wheel with your hand? Or would you use an actual wipe.

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-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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