A Story About An Anti-Masker

As we continue getting new customers with different thoughts and questions, we came across our first, official 'Anti-Masker'. We didn't even know this term existed until they called themselves an 'Anti-Masker'.

Of course our response was,

"Anti-Masker? What's that mean? Are you opposed to masks? Why are you here then?"

This person clarified their statement with:

"I only have to wear a mask because my work requires it."

Obviously, we're still excited that this person is willing to wear a mask regardless of how they feel about the situation. But their response had us thinking about another thought. Even if this person is frustrated with wearing masks, it still made us wonder if we could make their purchase the slightest bit more satisfying. It's become apparent that many people do not enjoy wearing masks for different reasons. This is why we offer multiple different styles that can be more fashionable than your basic medical looking 3Ply or N95 NIOSH masks.

For example, our Tigre Line Mask is something that can give a more enticing appearance that can be used in multiple different settings.

So, even if you are a Pro-Masker or Anti-Masker, we supply fashionable options that hopefully can work for our customers. And if we don't, let us know what type of product we should add to our inventory. Come by our stores and checkout our masks or shop online today:


-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

Medical disclaimer: we do not endorse wearing a mask during any strenuous activity that is not approved without consulting a medical professional. The above pictures were taken based on the personal choice of the model for Tigre Line.

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