Does Your Mask Fog Your Glasses?

This could be one of the most common questions that we get from our customers. For many people it can be quite irritating. Especially if they are taking their mask and glasses on and off all day. So, how are we solving this problem? There are a few tricks to defog your glasses. However, lets address the largest issue first.

Most people do not understand that every mask is going to fit each person's face differently. When customer's come through our store most of us say the same thing.

"I bought a random mask and it started fogging immediately."

The key word in that phrase is 'random'.

Just like when buying a new t-shirt, do you logically think that every t-shirt regardless of the size, style, or brand will fit everyone the same? Probably not. It's the same idea as a mask. So, first order of business, you should try on different types of masks to see which one fits your face the best.

This is why we love when people come by our store rather than buying online and hoping for the best. You can actually touch, feel, and try on your masks with personal feedback from an expert. Just like when you buy a new Iphone; most people like to speak with a store expert so they understand all the details before purchasing. If you wear glasses then you can try on multiple masks with your glasses.

Note: we use liquid and UV disinfectant before and after each mask demonstration. When using UV disinfectant it can take up to 2 minutes as required for full effect. We apologize in advance for any extra time of wait when shopping as this takes complete precedence to ensure safety of the customer.

Beyond trying on different glasses to see how they fit, here are a few tricks and ideas that can be helpful for some people:

  1. Tuck the top of your mask under your glasses. Better yet, put on the mask and then put your glasses on after. Let the glasses sit over the top edge of the mask.

  2. Find a mask with a metal wire at the top that can shape the top of the mask to your nose.

  3. Washing your glasses with soapy water can leave behind a thin film that may reduce surface tension. As a result the water molecules can spread out evenly into a transparent layer which can de-fog glasses.

If you have any further questions, feel free to stop by one of our stores or send us an email at:

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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