Gary Loves Teaching. But Why?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Gary Kellmann, Co-Founder of the Sanitizer and Masks Store, loves teaching and educating. When he gets the opportunity to teach or explain a new idea, he gets more excited than eating his favorite sushi roll, the Spicy Mango Tempura Roll from Wasabi. (Which is our favorite sushi restaurant by far)

But why does Gary love teaching so much? Is it because he loves the sound of his own voice? We make that joke around the office as Gary talks the loudest.

He's like a hurricane of energy.

But no. Gary loves teaching because he's obsessed with knowledge. And when we say obsessed, we mean what we say. 24 hours a day he is constantly learning. Or as we like to say in the entrepreneur world:

"Fire, fire, fire... aim much later" which is the opposite of "Ready, aim, fire."

24 hours a day Gary focuses on doing new things as quickly as possible and learning from them. This also includes asking questions so he can attain knowledge as soon as possible.

To understand his mentality, imagine a time when you had a question but were afraid to ask. Gary would be the exact opposite because the sooner you ask, the sooner you can move forward.

When starting the Sanitizer and Masks Store, Gary knew that this would be an incredible opportunity to teach. As Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is now considered an essential good, it's important to teach and educate people.

So, next time you come shopping at our store in St. Charles, ask for Gary and say,

"Gary, I am ready to learn"

Then, watch the excitement on Gary's face as gets the opportunity to do what he loves; teaching.

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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