Cherish Every Moment With Your Children

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As the world has changed in the past couple months, we should never underestimate the power of special moments. Even during challenging times, every moment presents an opportunity for what some people like to call a 'reframe'. For those that do not understand the term, it's actually quite simple and yet powerful.

Reframe - to frame again in a different way.

During the lock downs, our children have been home as well. For many parents this can be challenging for a couple reasons:

  1. Parents have to accomplish work and tasks when their children are usually at school.

  2. Their children are bored and need more attention.

Just like everyone else, we go through these challenges as well. If you have stopped by our stores, you might have seen our children running around. As schools and camps are unavailable, we've made adjustments to our daily regimens. Sometimes, it can be stressful when accomplishing tasks and being helpful to our customers. However, we need to be adaptable and find ways to reframe our experiences.

A common question we ask ourselves is:

"How often will we get this experience of spending more time with our children?"

This has a lot of truth to it.

Times can be busy and hectic at the office, but we need to be adaptable and cherish every moment with our children. Therefore, we do our best to create special moments when we can.

Below is a video of Myla and Ruby testing out their new roller shoes. We hope everyone does their best to reframe their experiences in a positive light and create special moments.

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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