Use Our 'Mister Booth' When Athletes Return To The Game

As athletes are assimilating back into the game, there are many new ideas on how they can reduce their risk of environmental contaminants. Our Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel, aka The Blue Whale (Mister Booth) is our human size disinfectant sprinkler system that can be used before and after practices, games, and all other sport related activities.

As teams take the field of battle once again, we know that certain preparations and attention will need to take place. Our culture has changed and extra precautions could be wise during all sport related activities. In the past, players would just hop into their equipment and rush onto the fields, courts, or rinks without a second thought.

For example, in ice hockey, many players will put their gloves on glove dryers in between periods without a thought of disinfecting them before returning on the ice. Or, they might rush into bathrooms in between periods and forget to wash their hands. They quickly run back down the tunnel to the bench because all they may think about is the competitiveness of the game. (understandably)

Imagine if there was a tunnel in place before returning to the bench?

We offer The Blue Whale for purchase and rental. If interested then check out our website :

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-The Sanitizer and Masks Team

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