Looking at your phone when sitting on the toilet?

Think about it... most of us are always on our phones even when we are going to the bathroom. The phone addiction is unavoidable as we always feel the need to be communicating with someone, using social media, or reading a news article (Let's face it, magazines and newspapers are going out of style)

The cell phone could be the most essential tool to most peoples lives and can transfer bacteria and germs from everything they touch. It's in people's pockets, purses, cars, kitchens, coffee shops, and most definitely, bathrooms.

Some people could be on their phones as long as 6 hours or more per day. And those who are in denial... you've probably seen the screens below plenty of times. (Yes you. You know who you are.)

This is why we love the following product as it can be simple and effective for keeping your phone clean.

Watch the quick video below:

This UV phone cleaner can kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria in just minutes! The ultraviolet light emitted in the box is the magic bullet. And, it's simple. All you have to do is drop it in the box and push the button. Just like when we use to push play on our favorite VHS or DVD players from the 90s.

So next time you use your phone while in the bathroom... that's definitely your decision. But. What you do after you leave the bathroom is your choice. If you make the choice that the UV sterilizer can be beneficial for reducing the risk of germs and bacteria after bathroom time, then click the below and go shopping:


-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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