🎃Plan For Halloween.. It's Never Too Early

We are exactly 3 months away from Halloween. And no, it's never too early to start thinking about this festive holiday of ghouls, goblins, candy, kids, and Trick or Treating. And lets not forget... pumpkin carving! However, as we all know, this year could require a little bit of a different touch which will be perfect for Trick or Treating.

Our EL Technology Scarf Masks!

Its so cool that it has a wireless sound active inverter. In other words, every time you speak it lights up. Without a doubt they will be the coolest mask when candy hunting on All Hallows Eve.

Or, as special events continue to arise again that require social distancing such as concerts, festivals, and other related activities, you could be the light that shines among the rest of the crowd. Next time your at a concert and your favorite musician goes for their classic ballad, you won't need to hold your phone high because your face will already be lit.

There available at our stores or shop online today!


-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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