Shortage Of Sanitizer Wipes -- Don't Worry We Are Stocked!

As people have been hoarding cleaning products since the beginning of the pandemic, demand and sales have gone up and supplies went down for the consumers.

"Disinfecting wipes are a hot commodity and many big time companies are having supply chain issues... but thankfully not us. We are prepared as we are constantly making sure that our supply chain is sound and seamless. This is why we are always asking our customers what they need and paying attention to the news so that we know what's going on in the world." - Gary Kellmann, CEO of Sanitizer and Masks Store

If you do a search on Google and type "shortage of sanitizer wipes" you will see many articles that talk about the shortage. Some obvious reasons is that people are trying to make sure they have plenty of cleaning supplies at all times.

However, even though people have been hoarding cleaning supplies since the beginning of the pandemic, we are staying ahead of the game because we are hyper-focused on PPE and do not have other distractions.

For example, if you go to your classic big box wholesale or retail store, ask yourselves this question,

"How many of them only sell PPE?"

Therefore, they are thinking about so many other products that could be a distraction.

Whereas, our main focus at our stores is that we are hyper-focused on 1 thing; PPE.

We are currently stocked with sanitizer wipes and will continue to make sure there is not a shortage with as much as we can control.

We offer our sanitizing wipes in bulk for a great deal. Come shop at any of our stores or shop online today.

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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