The Benefits of Carbon Filters

Carbon filters can be valuable for someone that uses a fashionable face mask, and it wants provided protection to their face. As the culture of the world is changing, people are wearing masks for protection but they also want a sense of style. Just like when buying t-shirts. Instead of wearing a new t-shirt and throwing 1 away every couple of days, most people will buy a couple fashionable t-shirts and reuse them. The carbon filters can be helpful when wanting to use the same fashionable mask over and over again.

For those that do not understand a carbon filter, it is simply a carbon pad that slips inside your mask that can absorb environmental toxins. With the carbon filters added to the front of your mask, you have 5 layers of protection in front of your face: 2 layers of cloth from the mask itself, and 3 layers from the carbon filter. Many masks may only have 1-3 layers of protection that may not provide as much of a protective barrier. By utilizing a mask with carbon filters, you will have added protection and become more fashionable.

Let's say you want to attend a social event. Would you rather have your typical boring, medical looking' mask? Or would you rather develop a sense of style in this new age of life? For example, we offer a cool LED mask that looks amazing at night or with dimmer lighting.The option is up to you. But we believe in providing fashionable masks that fit your needs and make sure you are properly protected.

If you are looking something a bit more fashionable, checkout our masks along with the carbon filters for added extra protection.

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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