The Change In Essential Goods

It's interesting how much the world has changed in such a short time. We went from eating at restaurants to eating at home more often, from going to movie theaters to developing an obsession with Netflix, and changing the way we look at our monthly expenses on essential goods. For example, essential goods might have been things such as food, liquids, gasoline, toiletries, and many more that you might find at a large convenience store or a gas station.

However, it would not be outlandish to say that many people have added new essential goods to their expenses. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as sanitizer, masks, gloves, and thermometers have become essential goods as many people are finding the need for extra cleanliness and protection from environmental pathogens. So, when stopping by the convenience store or gas station, these essential goods are now on people's minds as an added expense. We might even call it a culture change. When people come shopping at our stores, it's been interesting to observe how they are shopping now. A few months ago, if you saw someone picking up a mask or latex gloves, you might have seen them walking down the aisle and tossing it in their shopping cart without an added thought. And for that matter, how often would people be purchasing PPE to begin with?

Since people have been shopping at our stores, not only do they feel it's essential, but they are inquisitive. A new culture of essential shopping has created a precedence for understanding. In other words, as people are just learning to truly understand the importance of the best quality of PPE, now is a time for education and knowledge. Imagine when the first Iphone arrived in stores. Many people were rushing to the store for this new product. However, most were probably quite inquisitive and spent an extended amount of time on understanding the Iphone.

This is why our stores are so valuable as we are taking an aggressive approach to educating and teaching. When people stop by our stores we are focused on opening up our time to discussions, just like when someone bought their first Iphone or smartphone. As new information continuously arises in the world of PPE, we want you to know about it and make sure you understand the latest of our essential goods.

Please stop by any of our stores if you are looking for a better understanding.

-The Sanitizer and Masks Family

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