Use Hand Sanitizer Only 1x Every 8 Hours

Are you tired of wiping hand sanitizer on your hands every 20 minutes? Then learn more about one of our favorite products that you only have to use 1x every 8 hours... 8-Hour Defense!

8-Hour Defense is fast acting nano particulate silica that prevents bacteria and virus particles from attaching to surfaces. It is a chemically inert solution composed of silica dioxide (SiO2) crystals held in suspension.

Advancements in the field of Nanotechnology, has led to the creation of a “Mechanical Kill” mechanism, whereby coating an object will kill the cells of the bio threat trying to attach to the object. The coating is approximately 4 Nano meters in size, as opposed to most microbial matter, which is 90-100 Nano meters in size, making it impervious to the bio-hazard. 8 Hour Defense has been developed in a way, that it creates a Micro Crystalline Structure.

In 2014, a Safety laboratory tested the 8-Hour Defense against numerous bacteria, molds, fungi, algae and viruses; enveloped and non- enveloped, this includes the current strains of the EBOLA virus.

As a result, none of the bacteria, molds, fungi, algae, viruses or organisms were able to penetrate or survive contact with the 8-Hour Defense Sanitizer Coating.

So how do you use it?

Simple. Spray on your hands, lather them up and you're good to go for 8 hours!

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