- Product Size: 210*165*125mm

- Product Weight: 73g

- Material: ABS 

- USB charging line.

- Rechareable model and wireless use.

- Duration: 40-50 minuets.

Main Fuctions: 

- Skin rejuvenation, lowers the acne development by illuminating the light sources evenly with different wavelengths using the principle of bio-ray therapy and light material with nano technology;
- Skin care, accelerates the microcirculation of the cells by stimulating collagen generation, therefore it is helpful to skin care effect.

3 Colors:

Blue light inhibit the secretion of oil and fat, prevent acne, fade scar, and fine pore.
Red light can stimulate blood flow, improve metabolism, promote collagen fiber synthesis, and increase skin elasticity and luster.
Orange light  relieve red swelling,pigmented redness and swelling, repair good dark hoarse, tender skin.

3 Color LED Mask

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