As we assimilate back into larger social activities, we have new ideas on how people can reduce their risk of environmental contaminants. Introducing our Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel, aka The Blue Whale.


It's our human size disinfectant sprinkler system that can be used at concerts, theme parks, park gatherings, and festivals.


The disinfectant tunnel contains a liquid spray from multiple angles to effectively saturate the environment when someone is walking through. In this way it is possible to disinfect all surfaces, even those which are not directly exposed to the nozzles, thereby preventing the spread of germs, bacteria, and other contaminants in the environment.


As large gatherings are an inevitable process to our way of life, there will come a time where they will commence again. However, our culture has changed and extra precautions are being taken during events with large crowds. When going to social events, people can be careless which can put them in vulnerable positions with public exposure.


For example, it can be common for people to use a Johnny on the Spot and not wash their hands. Especially when they've enjoyed a few drinks at a festival. This could be a perfect scenario to where The Blue Whale can be helpful, simple, and protective to patrons.


It can be installed at the entrance of: public offices, pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, ports, train or tube stations. It is also suitable for any private company who needs to sanitise the workforce, goods, vehicles and materials. The disinfectant tunnel creates a passage and is equipped with, internal arc-shaped atomising nozzles that saturate the environment with a sanitizing spray. 


Please message us if you have any questions.

Inflatable Disinfection Tunnel