Ionopure Disinfectant is very powerful and is overkill for most daily uses. You would typically use disinfectant on mold, stubborn grout stains, cleaning up bodily fluids, and spraying high-touch points if you've recently had someone with the flu in your house.
Stop sickness before it starts.
- Up to 200x more effective than bleach but 100% safe for you and your family.
- Clean without toxic chemicals, residue, or fumes.
- Packaged in a reusable, refillable bottle for maximum product freshness and sustainability. 

Ingredients: 99% water, 1% HOCl/free available chlorine (2,200 ppm)


WARNING: Do NOT use or mix with other household cleaners. Do NOT let children use product unspervised. NOT safe for use on soft favrics or upholstery.

Ionopure Disinfectant - 600 ml (20 oz.) Spray Bottle

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