Don't let your greens make you green.
- Ionopure Produce Wash mimics the solution created by your white blood cells to fight germs.
- Keep harmful bacteria and germs out of your diet while you keep your produce crisper, fresher, longer.
- As effective as bleach without any fumes, residue, or toxic chemicals.
- 100% non-toxic and safe for your whole family.


Spray produce generously and let dwell 1 minute. To eat immediately, rinse with cool water. Pouch product can be dilluted 50% with cool water to soak produce.

Ingredients: Super Mixed Oxidants Solution including Hypochlorous. 99% water, 1% HOCl/free available chlorine



Lab Result (Effectiveness): CLCIK HERE

Lab Result (Safty): CLICK HERE

Lab Result: CLICK HERE

Ionopure Produce Wash - 600 ml (20 oz.) Pouch