Made in USA


  • mPower™ laundry detergent is specifically formulated as a regular use detergent which imparts an invisible shield on laundered items. This shield protects against odors and stains associated with mold and other organisms.
  • Contains EPA Registered active cationic antimicrobial which is integrated into the formulation
  • Do not mix with commercial detergents and avoid the use of bleach (Commercial detergents—Tide, Cheer, ALL and others are made with anionic formulations which will negate the effects of the cationic formulation).
  • Powerful protection combats odor-causing organisms between washes.
  • Long-lasting formula builds and intensifies with repeated washings.
  • Economical ratio uses 2oz. of laundry detergent to l0lbs. of dry weight laundry (medium/regular load) Works extremely well to remove and eliminate the source of odors embedded in fabrics from mold, mildew, algae, fungi, and other organisms and keeps them from returning.
  • Detergent is unscented and phosphate-free.
  • Safe for use in high-efficiency machines.

mPower Laundry Detergent