Zoft Clean Hand Cleaner with Nipacide PX

Zoft Clean is an enriched lotion hand cleaner that softens the skin as it cleans, leaving the hands velvety soft and smooth. An excellent and convenient hand cleaner for the home, and garage.


Directions: Place a generous amount of Zoft Clean directly into palm of hand. Rub, add water and rinse.


Ingredients: Water, Ethoxysulfates Lauryl Sulfate, Cocadiethanolamide, Cameo 1 Soap, Nipacide PX Triethanolamide, Tetrasodium/EDTA, Citric Acid, Fragrance.

*Anti-Bacterial Ingredients PCMX*


Zoft Clean Antibacterial Hand Soap Safety Data Sheet: Click Here

Zoft Clean Antibacterial Hand Soap